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Tiksey monastery

the kitchen in Hemis monastery

young miller

Leh- Ladakh (the old palace at the background)

Leh - Ladakh (youg girls going to school)

Shey monastery

Tiksey monastery inside

Leh - Ladakh (young woman with typical dress)

Buddha statue in Shey monastery

Leh- Ladakh

Om mani padme hum

Monks praying in Hemis monastery

polo match (Leh- Ladakh)

old woman (near Hemis monastery)

Likir monastery

monk in Tiksey monastery

Tiksey monastery inside

chorten (Leh- Ladakh)

Leh - Ladakh

preparing tea (Tiksey monastery)

Lamayuru monastery

Hemis monastery

young monks at school

Leh - Ladakh

Mandala in Tiksey monastery

Buddha statue in Tiksey monastery